God willing, the plan is… for cj and i to be leaving soon on a road trip,  
to travel to and through quite a few states around the country.  It is our
waves of June. I am, with purpose, planing to spend very little time on-line.
I don’t know how much i will even use the things i am taking along with the
objective to use them; of which are paper, pens, pencils, coloured pencils,
watercolour and at least one camera.
I have been sitting with this thought that it is mostly a matter of place.
At this point, i think that it is important that all of me (heart, soul, mind,
body, spirit) is mostly in the same place at the same time. 
I must say that i have learned a little about my own reasons for relating and the
ways that i choose to do it from blogging, and by using facebook and twitter.
I have met lovely people on-line that have a similar kind of belief, of which have
helped me to grow in faith.  At the same time that i have been growing in faith,
i have also been growing in awareness that i need to be taking a step away from
my dependence upon internet relating.
There has been much positive interaction and encouragement, but, that’s 
part of what makes it so insidious.
It is time…for me… to take a step toward the people in my physical presence.  
I am not saying that one form of communication is more real than another. 
And yet, there is a difference.  I need to point-out that many of us can easily
let our internet interaction take the better part of us.  
It can take too much, and leave little to give to face to face, friends, family,
and  in the place where we are.  And i surely can see that the place that 
we do our physical living in each moment is a powerful place and it is the
place where the goodness for society starts to break-down if our hearts
and minds are not there.
It’s also the place where God is best shared when we spend time
with our heart, mind, soul, body, spirit closer to being on the same page.
Powerful, grace-filled moments.
I know that we all could share more of God when we give God the whole package.
I know that when i relate too much by way of the internet, my mind and heart
can travel to places other than where i am.  And when i depend on it too much
i am divided, and i am not sharing what is truly needed in the place where i am.
Other things besides the internet could do this just as well.  Like work, fear, 
worries, sickness, addiction, envy, desire, the list goes on and on.  Some things
we can do something about, some things not so much.  
But, am i the only one that is feeling this way about the internet relating?

11 thoughts on “places

  1. SimplyDarlene

    for me, the friends i made in the beginning of my blogland adventure got to travel along during all our recent moves of this crazy relocation saga — so the internet was a blessing as i was so disconnected from what was secure and normal or ordinary. BUT i get what you are saying about too much of it; especially since my family is all together again and we are getting involved in our community and sinking hands in wet soil as we trade labor for produce at a nearby farm.

    that’s real stuff, the stuff we get under our nails and the sun that burns our arms. BUT you are my real friend, like miss Susan, and even though we’ve not met in-person, our hearts collide in prayers and conversations and God’s merciful love.

    since you are gonna be passing through WA south of me, maybe i’ll grab me some cardboard, paint a message, and stand along the road, waiting for you to go by. then again, maybe not. maybe i’ll just think of you when i’m weeding and picking and working at the farmer’s market. and if you all get a wild (short) hair for some honey lemonade, let me know. i’ll meet ya where the road divides and wave ya on up our drive.

    love to you, miss.


  2. Beth

    Wow! I’ve been thinking much along the same lines. I need to reconnect here where I live. I walked outside to see some friends who had dropped something by for my husband (they are business partners) and the woman commented on how long it had been since we saw each other. And the truth is it is not from their lack of trying, but from me retreating after a stressful day at work and using the weekend to recover. I tend to lean to my blogger friends at that time, but I think for my sake and esp. my husband’s, I need to reach out more here at home. So I understand completely what you are saying. I am trying to figure it out on my end.

    1. nancy Post author

      it is hard for me to socialize in person when i’m tired, or anytime for that matter. but, then again, maybe i just need to relax and go with the flow.

  3. steve

    Too much of any one thing is not good, internet and blogging included. I often think of traveling and blogging from the road. One day when there is less responsibility in my life.

    1. nancy Post author

      i hope that you will check in with us as we are going down the road.
      and yes, it is totally true…too much of one thing is not good…and here i go on a road trip…drive drive drive. but, we will also stop and visit visit visit so perhaps we will be able to balance it all out a bit. maybe you can start with a small road trip in the meantime.

  4. Owen Swain

    Here I am just getting started again and there you go. Listen, I totally understand. If you do check in now and then there will be poetry as I’ve just complete scheduling one poetry post every two days with enough to last until late September. However, if you do not check in you will not be the lesser. Blessings on your time away.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thank you for the blessings, and for the understanding. I will check-in, i would not want to completely lose touch with you and your poetry writing…no way. Now, i’m off to make pizza dough. ps. poetry seeds are scheduled into august, maybe through august before i take off…plus, i will try to post little bits along the road…hopefully, you will check-in on that and leave a few words. thanks, Owen :-)

  5. Lorrie

    I think what you are saying is true. At times, my husband will say…”boy, you really get zoned into what you are doing on the computer”. My heart knows that he is really saying… “hey, how about more time for me!” I need to be more mindful of this. And, and, and… well, you already said it, and perfectly!!
    Enjoy your trip! Pop in when you can…. xxxx

    1. nancy Post author

      Thank you for speaking your thoughts on this subject, Lorrie. Zoned-in…those are the perfect words for the attraction of t he screen. Easier to look at something that’s not looking back i guess, and can be more interesting and delightful than any one person because i can choose what it gives me and what i give back. The computer is a large part of the relationship. I do wonder about our children of this age and the one to come. It is up to our generation to get them to show them how to relate outside of this, perhaps it is more of a problem than we are willing to admit.


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