This photo is from last week’s trip with Casey to see Moonrise Kingdom.  Good movie. The seats in this theatre are totally plush and rocking.  Gotta do that again.


I saw this lady this evening that had the prettiest colour of pants.  They were in between a magenta and purple. I just needed to write that.

This morning, Sydney and I drove into Portland to go to REI and Patagonia. Syd did well at REI, coming home with gortex shoes for harvest work along with some wool socks. I saw some boots there by keen…oh man, i have a thing for boots.  leather…soft leather.  We found absolutely nothing at Patagonia. (no, i didn’t get the boots, didn’t even try them on.)

We went by a big fountain while we walked the few blocks between stores. Some people were there in their swim suits, sunning on towels, and lots of small children with bigger hovering people next to them were in the water. Let me tell ya’; it was really crowded all around this fountain area. It was like a scene from the beach on sandcastle day.

Our last venture out for the day was to New Season’s Market for supper and to purchase a few groceries. We both had hotdogs. I go through this every summer.  At some point, i just feel this need to have a hotdog. I talked about it enough today that Sydney had to have one too.

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