Peter and Casey are in New Zealand. They are living one day ahead of me and they are also living in late winter going into spring, seeing different stars than i can see. We are at least on the same planet.

Peter discovered upon arrival that his cell phone wouldn’t work. He found out that New Zealand dropped the CDMA coverage and switched to 3G only. His Ipad works. He loves his simple, voice-calls-only phone. He is going to need to get another phone before his next trip to NZ. He has been totally resisting the smart phone purchase. I used to want a smart phone, because i thought it was a cool gadget.  But, i have changed my mind, and realize i can live without it.

I, like many people, have been buying too many things that i don’t need in my life. Some things, i don’t use, or i am using unwisely, or depend on too much. It’s in my lifetime that people once lived a life without computers or television. Over all, these things haven’t made life on earth any better. Mainly because they are used in a way, in households, that is adding to physical, and mental, and social deterioration of the people in the house, and especially of the children. Parents have given their parenting over to TV programs, commercials, the World Wide Web, and other electronic gadgets.

Eh…that’s enough talk about this.


8 thoughts on “life

  1. Ted M. Gossard

    Amen, Nancy. Well,said. In our case we really don’t have money to consider such things and by necessity have to pare down although compared with the rest of the world we surely still do live in luxury.

  2. Ted M. Gossard

    Yes, I agree, Nancy. I think we’d be better off with a more simplified existence. Simplicity ought to mark us as followers of Christ.

    And yet I don’t think any of these gadgets or technological advances are wrong in themselves. It’s certainly what we do with them, for sure.

    Thanks for stirring the pot a bit. Good food for thought.

    1. davis

      I agree, it it a huge percent of what everyone does with it all. The most popular use is to make as much money as possible. That’s where the marketing comes in. THey are sold via commercials to our subconscious by paring it with familiar songs and other identifiable things. A total mind game. Commercials play with our heads and the heads of our children. Very cunning in a not so good sort of way. Just make the money and now is the top goal.

      More important than simplicity; we need be able to see what is pig feed and what
      are pearls. We need to open our eyes to discern the truth.


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