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fellowship in relating


A comment from my Thursday post:

“When I taught
in Sunday School,
I spent most
of my time
on my knees,
at their level.”

~by Glynn Young

Glynn also said …

“It’s true on two levels.

When parents brought their kids to the class, I would meet them at the door on my knees – toddler level. Shy or frightened children could more easily deal with an adult who was as tall as they were. And then all the teaching was down in a kneeling or sitting position. The only time I’d be standing would be for outside play.

The second level was for prayer about teaching them.”

*  *  *  *  *  *

As for me…

When i read the comment, the thought about being on one’s knees and getting to the level of a child came through pretty strong.  I speaks to me of a position, a mind set, and a way of heart in connection and relating with and in the Lord.
And when i really think of the way that we are lifted in fellowship and relationship with others, and just how much the Lord is with us in it, i am in awe.


parent teacher conferences

i roamed the halls with all the other parents, looking dazed and lost. finally i found each and every room and most teachers. we talked, well, mainly i listened. what i really wanted to do was just meet them. i wanted to learn a name and a face, and hear a voice. a voice that tells me about my daughter, things i pretty much already knew about her. there are surely many things about my daughter that neither the teacher nor i will ever know. but, i met all but two of the teachers and they met me.

in the wind


i hang the damp
clean clothes on the line
drawn tight from house to garage
into a clothespin bag full of pins
my hand reaches and fingers
wrap around the the wooden
shape smooth all one piece
it slips over the shoulder of
a light blue cotton dress
and holds it to the coated wire
another pin captured from
between my lips
slips over the other shoulder
and the dress dances in the wind
like it did on me
last night

mere christianity . by csLewis

The last chapter.
Throughout this book, Lewis has been pointing 
to Christ Jesus from many perspectives.  He has 
taken us in a circle around Jesus while always  
encouraging us to look at the center, Jesus, the 
center of it all. He tells us that to live with Christ 
is life within death, that we find ourself by simply 
looking to Jesus, and that we are growing-up into 
a child…a child that Loves God. 
Sitting in the lap of the Lord.

the strategy of change


I need to do less reading online for my tired eyes.
Some of you may notice a drop in my total comments, especially on longer posts.
I am primarily on break from twitter until the end of the year.
I am also doing much less on FB.
It’s all a bit of a daily balancing act.
With less time online.
I have decided to do things that are easier on my eyes (and creative), such as painting and other works of art.
I like to journal and play here at “a little somethin’.”
I plan to continue to use this journal as my main sharing place.
As people and things change around me, and as i continually change, adjustments are made. I can always make plans and strategize, and realize that even these plans must be readjusted along the way. And i can be aware and creative, keeping an open heart in the Love of God.

Our God that does not change, is with us in our changes.

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