the strategy of change


I need to do less reading online for my tired eyes.
Some of you may notice a drop in my total comments, especially on longer posts.
I am primarily on break from twitter until the end of the year.
I am also doing much less on FB.
It’s all a bit of a daily balancing act.
With less time online.
I have decided to do things that are easier on my eyes (and creative), such as painting and other works of art.
I like to journal and play here at “a little somethin’.”
I plan to continue to use this journal as my main sharing place.
As people and things change around me, and as i continually change, adjustments are made. I can always make plans and strategize, and realize that even these plans must be readjusted along the way. And i can be aware and creative, keeping an open heart in the Love of God.

Our God that does not change, is with us in our changes.

This post is linked as part of the One Word Carnival at the blog of Peter Pollock.

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