poem reading and linky test post

I would like to do a post once every couple of weeks where friends can record their reading of a poem, post it, and then link it here.

I have been having a little fuss with the soundcloud recordings on my posts when i use mister linkey.  So i am trying it again.  The sound recording widget window moves over to the right, but the sensitive area that  should align with the image of the play button is unseen and over to the left of said image of the play button.

But when i deleted the whole post along with the mister linky and the widget window for the sound recording, all of the other sound recording widget windows on the other posts went back to normal.

Anyway here are the written words…

Pages of White

the venerable dogwood
stood alone
in a sea of grass
hauntingly dark limbs
into night
beginning to give way
to the whisper of day
the promise of spring
and the blossoms held
between pages of white
each one a poem
the words rise
with the wind
flowering words
a most shimmering feast
in the warmth of day

okay, i tried again.   mr. linky is still messing up the soundcloud widget placement.

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