hearing voices

As you can see, i have always liked looking at pictures. The love of reading came later in life, and of writing came even later. Another thing i have always liked, is to be read to. I like hearing people’s voices as they read. And lately i have been hearing voices.  Real voices.
The first voice was of my friend Maureen Doallas. She started using a web site that allows her to record as she reads her poems aloud and then post the recording. It was great to hear her voice, after getting to know her by the written word. Then Glynn Young wrote this totally cool poem, recorded and posted it. Again, i loved hearing the voice of a friend that i only knew through the written word. I tried the same web site at the same time that Glynn tried it.
I have to say that my voice does not sound like a poet’s voice. It’s hard to really know what your own voice sounds like unless it is recorded. Kind of like how we don’t really know what we look like, until we see a photograph of ourself. It is a telling process. And the recording of my voice was a hard process, because my voice has never been…well, pretty or sexy. It often sounds like i am about five years old, and it doesn’t carry. I don’t sound refined or intellegent. But, i jumped in and did it before i could think about it too much.
It wasn’t too bad, because my friends here always write encouraging comments. You all are so careful to accentuate the positive in cases like this. And your kindness and acceptance is truly appreciated. So hearing my own voice is not so bad as all that. And i get to have fun along with all the other lovely voices.

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