second thoughts


I realize that the voice cloud is very cool thing.  I totally love hearing the voice of others, but, realistically my own voice needs to be seen or read.  Except when i’m on the phone or in your face.  It’s just that the voice that i hear in my head, is not the voice that comes out of my mouth.  So i really do need to leave the poem reading and recording to others.  As for using Mr. Stinky, i want to do that in Monday’s post.  I want to gather sound clouds here.  Clouds of voices reading poetry.  And Maureen Doallas has agreed to post and link a poem, and maybe she will be reading “Pages of White.”  So, anyone interested in recording your voice at soundcloud and doing a post, i would be honored to have you link your post here, on Monday.  A gathering of voices reading poetry…i can see it in my mind.   And it looks like a bouquet of summer’s wild flowers, in a mason jar of fresh water, gracing my table.
 soundcloud :  it’s easy and they allow free recording time to become acquainted with the service.

Please, feel free to leave a message.

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