curb and quilts


this photo is of a crumbling curb and a grate that surrounds a small tree.
it’s a limited time parking spot that is usually open.  i could hardly get in or
out of my car door as the little tree and my door were having a tussle.
i was picking up some food-to-go from the ixtapa restaurant.  i had settled
the food into the car and thought i would snap a picture.  the dark spots on
the grate were from little drops of rain.  i made it into the car before it was
cats and dogs.

and it smelled so good on the way home.  burrito, baby!

coming this weekend:
a quilt show at the champoeg heritage visitor center, with more than fifty
historical and modern quilts to be displayed.
also, costumed volunteers from the piecemakers quilt guild giving quilt
demonstrations.  i assume that the costumes are of a historical nature.

i’m hoping to go and have a good look.

20 thoughts on “curb and quilts

  1. nance marie

    beth . yeah. i can see that, like one of those crazy quilts where the fabric meets together in all different angles. (just like friends)it would be fun to go to the show together. it looks like we will have to settle for virtually.

  2. B. Meandering

    The elements in your picture almost create a quilt of their own. I love the textures and you being able to see beauty and thus show me beauty in what is usually considered mundane.Enjoy gawking at more beauty this weekend—I love quilts—I'd go with you if I could.


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