daisies and dandelions

i went to a small quilt show yesterday totin’ a camera…

you can see one photo per post at daisies and dandelions(clickaroonie here)

the first photo is already up
and i am hoping to put a new one up every day.

they are mainly up-close views of the material and stitches.

i have also put the link in my side bar
in case you feel like looking later on.


7 thoughts on “daisies and dandelions

  1. Laura

    I, too, am a quilt fan! Not a quilter, but my mother-in-law is and she has helped me to have an appreciation for the work and love that goes into this sweet art. Thank you, Nance!

  2. Maureen

    Thank you for taking pictures at the show. Quilts are special when made by hand of what's been cast off. Looking forward to seeing more.


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