reading mere christianity

“the rival conceptions of God”

i have a hard time keeping up with old clive here.
he makes his point very slowly and precisely, making the
reader think through what he is saying.

i am starting to think that i can’t do a very good job of writing
about what clive has written, even when the reading is broken
down into short chapters, without writing exactly what he has said.

i guess i’m just not very good at book reporting.  and i can’t write it
in a way that is interesting enough for you to want to read my post on it.

so i’m just going to say that reading this book is a good thing so far.

there are some good posts on it here.


13 thoughts on “reading mere christianity

  1. nance marie

    susan . i have been thinking of diana every time i hear of her son, william's wedding.deb . i am thankful for your understanding. maybe i can write a fewthings about the author.

  2. nance marie

    val .it's the kind of book that can be read at different times in our life and still get something out of it.laura . economy with words…that's it exactly!that life size sculptural display was fun to see, i'm glad you shared it.elvis . how do you do that? you are the most perceptive person i are scary good.jason . thanks for the encouragement.lightning bug :-)thank you.louise . oh you! you are such a sweet heart lightner.always saying something nice to me. thank you.


    Oh Nance, I feel like this so much of the time. I don't know what to say, or don't want to put the work in. I just want to be, or let it float around in my mind without having to articulate anything. Sometimes blogging is like that and I am SO glad you write about having nothing to say. Welcome.

  4. Laura

    I love that old Clive Staples too, Nancy. It's just…his ECONOMY with words! There's not one wasted. When I first read Mere Christianity, I outlined each chapter because I didn't want to forget a thing. Of course, I've forgotten it all because I"m not such a lofty thinker.And a big thank you for the research you gave me over at my place! Fascinating trail on The Last Supper. You are such a gem. Did you know that?

  5. nance marie

    lindaand glynn…yes, i really do like the book. clive, takes his subject and breaks it down into meaningful pieces. i can see why, as it is totally necessary for a listening audience, and especially one that has to wait a week to continue the stream of thought.actually i find it just as good for written material. not too many people these days go into so much depth on a subject for radio, television, or book.

  6. Glynn

    Consider that the book was originally radio broadcasts — meant to be heard rather than read — and they were incredibly popular with listeners.


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