paint, perfume and elvis


we are still playing with watercolour.


i use to get a pet duckling to raise every spring when i was small.  i would dress it up in barbie clothes.


never wear perfume or cologne to a wine tasting… never ever.


i use to be an illustrator at tektronix.


did you know that bj moore is really elvis?


11 thoughts on “paint, perfume and elvis

  1. nance marie

    yvette . i have a little training as a graphic artist. and worked doing line drawings for a group that made monitors and the like. a bunch on electrical and mechanical engineers all around. the electrical engineers are the oddest. actually engineers are all very logically odd to me. i should know, i married one. though he has been a winemaker for twenty six years, he hasn't lost the odd bits.anyway…as for the art training, i have have taken other classes on things since the graphic design schooling in that other lifetime ago. but…i have never had any classes on watercolour, i am self teaching so to say….playing.i like the paintings that you have been posting on your blog.the other painting…the bright flower thing…it's part of a larger piece that i did in acrylic. usually i sketch first. but, i can see that there would be times not to do so.

  2. sojourner

    i wonder what more you could say – i would like to try water colors – i like yours – sounds like you have art training – i'm just beginning with none at all – but you inspire me

  3. nance marie

    darleen . until now…i forgot all about the place on their bill. a duck wearing blue suede shoes…maybe i will draw that :-) i just about passed-out on my porch yesterday afternoon in the sunshine ahhhhhh sun! ain't it wonderful?!

  4. Simply Darlene

    Did you ever dress your pet duck like Elvis?Did you ever stroke that spot on the duck's bill and make them pass out in your arms?Maybe you'll paint a pic of a duck wearing blue suede shoes?Perhaps I need some more fresh air. I am plum silly from the 70 degrees and sunshine on my back porch.Blessings.

  5. nance marie

    valerie . sometimes i'm afraid i will mess it up, then i tell myself i am just playing and that it okay. that's the cool thing about writing, you have a chance to go over it and change the words around. elvis . i just knew that you would never ever do that.susan . yes! :-)maureen . i was thinking that they should blend in with the background more than the flowers do, but, am not sure how i will do that. but, your comment gives me new ideas. i like to think of the flowers as poppies…even though they don't really resemble them that much.


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