green hose and ruby


green water hose, wound up, on the porch.


do you like the ¢ents mark?  ¢  i hardly ever see it anymore.


sometimes a person living on the street seems like an angel when i look at them.


my mother once got so angry that she locked the bathroom door and started throwing bottles into the tub.
i don’t remember what she was angry about, but i remember thinking she was making quite a mess.
well, most of the bottles were glass in those days.


sometimes i would like to have another name.  i think i will use “ruby” today.


God bless you.


7 thoughts on “green hose and ruby


    Ruby: Once my mother got so mad that she cried out, "I'm leaving you kids!" She grabbed her coat and stormed out the door, while we 3 naughty children between the ages of 2 and 5 screamd out in terror, "No, No! We'll be good!" Off she went to her car, her blue Opal, in the driveway. The three terrified children ran to the kitchen window to see if she would really do it. She barrelled into the car and we watched in horror as it drove up the driveway to the edge of the road. We cried. We shook. And then, before we knew it, she flew back into the front door and ran exacerbated into our huddle, taking all of us in her arms. "Oh, I would never leave you!" she was crying too.Must have been a rough day in the Moore household.

  2. B. Meandering

    Looks like he's shedding his skin (the bright light green under the duller dark green).I love it when you write whatever comes to mind.I remember one time when my mom got really angry at one of us kids (I think it was me) and she said we weren't going to Grandma and Grandpap's after all. I was devastated and in tears. Then the phone rang. She picked it up and put on her good preacher's wife voice. She had to talk to the parishiner for awhile. When she got off, she stayed in the good mode and we got to go after all. I was so thankful for that phone call!:)

  3. Laura

    ruby,two nights ago, on our evening walk, my boys and I saw a brown water snake in the bottom of the creek bed. that's what your garden hose reminds me of! and, yes, I love the cents mark. and see? I can't find it on my keypad.Happy Easter, Beloved.


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