stuff and such


i forgot to read my mere christianity book this week.
so, no post on that today.

BUT… ta ta ta daaaaa!  
i read something good that i really want to share.
so click and read it, okay?

April Bonus Poem: I will Build My Cottage, by Robert Mark Spencer, aka bob, at wilderness fandango.

we matter to each other in ways we don’t realize.

our heart matters.

i use to get gold stars on papers in first grade.  sweet old mrs. lamont.

you can’t see your closest friend, but you can hear and talk to Him.

okay, that’s all for now.


14 thoughts on “stuff and such

  1. B. Meandering

    I love the bright colors and the way the suns end up inside me shining outwards.I love the whimsical seriousness of your words—you have a gift for combining the two in such a way it seems like they're a match made in heaven. :)I enjoyed the poem too–I'd like to build such a cottage in words and in reality.I'm feeling better tonight and your post is part of it (as was your email). Thanks, friend for me mattering to you and you mattering to me. :)

  2. Lorrie

    I REALLY REALLY like that poem, it makes me smile big time. Thanks for sharing!! Your painting is perfect too :-) It's amazing that when I am having a sad day that your place always cheers me. Blessings to you too!!

  3. Steve Gravano

    What a beautiful painting, the colors and subject are so cheerful.we matter to each other in ways we don't realize… that is so wonderful, it also brightened my day.


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