stones, bees & names


a few glass stones that have not fallen out of the stepping slab cj and i made.
and the blue in the corner of the picture is a pot that contains a spearmint plant.


i bought a new block home for the orchard mason bees and put it up next to the old one.
the female mason bees have been busy these last couple of sunny days.
hopefully busy with the cherry and pear blossoms.  the apple trees have no blooms yet.


i think i will keep the name “ruby” as an extra name.
it will be the first name on “my really cool extra names” list.



9 thoughts on “stones, bees & names

  1. nance marie

    beth . i was the early airport shuttle driver this doing it on a monday morning, fersure. i am trying to get over the fear of water colour by playing with it.and it works…it really is fun.

  2. B. Meandering

    The stones look like big daubs of sparkling color, just waiting for a brush to dip into them–very pretty.Spearment,hug?! Never tried growing it. I do have regular mint and I tried chocolate mint. It didn't grow well, but then I planted it next to the voracious reg. mint in a side flower garden.Hmmmm, you've me thinking again!I liked the watercolor on your previous post also. I need to start. I've done acrylic and a little of oil, but only did water color eons ago in high school art. Hmmm–I haven't had enough coffe to be thinking this much already today!


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