early 15c., pety coote, lit. “a small coat,” from petty and coat (n.). 
Originally a padded coat worn by men under armor, 
applied mid-15c. to a garment worn by women and young children.

4 thoughts on “petticoat

  1. Steve Gravano

    I too love your new header photo. I've always thought of petticoat as a woman's garment or the first name of a TV show from years ago…Petticoat Junction. Boy I'm old!

  2. Melissa

    begins in delight, ends in wisdom… as do you <3 good morning…reading this re zee petticoat, my first image was a can-can with knights, it made me laugh though – enjoy your day!

  3. B. Meandering

    Interesting–I always associate it with the woman's garment.Your header is stunning. To me, it looks like the one in front is 'center stage' and the others are clustered around enjoying 'the show'. Love the Frost quote. :)


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