old zinnia


still transferring photos onto flicker
a little at a time.
this one is from october 2008.
“old zinnia”

i would like to plant all flowers and
no vegetables in the garden this spring.

yes, it’s only january, and i am already
thinking of planting flower seeds.


8 thoughts on “old zinnia

  1. Maureen

    Your image is steller, Nancy. I've always wanted to have a huge field of wildflowers (not likely, though, as I live in a townhouse), to just scatter the seed and watch what comes up.

  2. B. Meandering

    You reveal the texture in the flower–interesting: age brings texture to our lives and thus, in many ways, makes us more beautiful than when we were young–but only some see that.You see it and help us to see it–thanks.:)


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