soap dish 2

i put together another soap dish.
if you are wondering why i am so into soap dishes
lately, it’s sort of out of necessity.
we were using a lot of soap from plastic
pump bottles, jason lavender is my favorite,
but, i wanted to start using bar soap again at some
of our sinks. and i don’t want to use the usual
dishes that i can buy, or those plastic things.

this one was easy.  i didn’t have to make it, i only
put some things together that i already had.
the dish was a gift from a friend a few years back, that
she made, which is pottery.
i was never sure what to use it for, so it was mainly
something that looked nice.  (sometimes it would hold
a pair of my earrings)

i took some of my favorite little stones and set them
on the dish as a lift for the soap, so the soap can dry.

instant soap dish!

easy to clean and naturally, i think it’s pretty.

do you like it?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Maureen says:

    I've used Jason, too (the henna, for my hair).I like your newest soap dish.

  2. P.S. I like Jason Aloe Vera. Never tried the lavender.

  3. This is good, too! And easier for me to emulate than the other one. This one looks more—what am I trying to say?—Japanese?If I tried the other kind, I'd have to use old scrub oak branches. Not nice and straight, like grape vines. I'm afraid it won't look good.

  4. Great idea, and pretty.

  5. nance marie says:

    soapbox…good one, lyla :-)

  6. I do like it.Some prefer their soapboxes. Your soap dishes are a welcome gentle exchange.

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