soap dish 2

i put together another soap dish.
if you are wondering why i am so into soap dishes
lately, it’s sort of out of necessity.
we were using a lot of soap from plastic
pump bottles, jason lavender is my favorite,
but, i wanted to start using bar soap again at some
of our sinks. and i don’t want to use the usual
dishes that i can buy, or those plastic things.

this one was easy.  i didn’t have to make it, i only
put some things together that i already had.
the dish was a gift from a friend a few years back, that
she made, which is pottery.
i was never sure what to use it for, so it was mainly
something that looked nice.  (sometimes it would hold
a pair of my earrings)

i took some of my favorite little stones and set them
on the dish as a lift for the soap, so the soap can dry.

instant soap dish!

easy to clean and naturally, i think it’s pretty.

do you like it?


6 thoughts on “soap dish 2

  1. Monica Sharman

    This is good, too! And easier for me to emulate than the other one. This one looks more—what am I trying to say?—Japanese?If I tried the other kind, I'd have to use old scrub oak branches. Not nice and straight, like grape vines. I'm afraid it won't look good.


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