the book

i am almost finished with this book.  i have to say that, well, i just
don’t know what to think about it.  i am a bit confused and my heart
feels sadness.  but, perhaps, for now, that is a good thing.

i welcome your comments.


5 thoughts on “Radical~

  1. Glynn

    I've read it – and reviewed it for PRISM. It's like a companion to Mere Churchianity. There are quite a few of these books being published right now – which tells you that publishers are finding a market for them. Not exactly a good commentary on the church.

  2. Melissa

    Yes, they do hurt sometimes, those books. I haven't read too many on the state of the church or Christianity in recent years – and not this one. The brain wobbles a bit with change, with different views — there is that confusion and sadness… letting go, rowing to something else, remembering. Sometimes sudden, sometimes slow. And yet we are held, though sometimes it does not feel that way. Sending warm hugs, M.


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