on the heart

This is me, now, on the inside. Yes, I have to admit that I am many ages that insist on coming along for the ride. They don’t let go. Intent on being part of my heart and soul, no matter where I have gone or what I have done. I look at this picture and I…


  No one is blameless.  No one is all good.  We get confused about what is real and what is right. And truly it is easy abandon compassion and mercy when we don’t see any need for it, and we don’t know or accept a person.  If there is a person that we see that is different and…

now and then

    Bits of something. One never knows how many snow flakes it takes before one lands on your nose.   art by nancy marie davis


Everyone and anyone who comes in contact with a child is minding the store. That child is in your hands. You are responsible. Every single thing counts. Love or hate. Acceptance or rejection. Attention or indifference. Everything becomes a part of them. You, having been a child, knows this is true. You remember the words…


    i deleted my FB account i deleted my FB ac i deleted my FB i deleted my i deleted i i canceled the delete           image drawn by nancy marie davis marking pen on paper


    he makes us makes us relent bleed out our own self yearn for relief our heart stops hurting never from the nearness this war of spirit we are ever wanting holding to death unaware we think we are done when the war of dying has just begun    

It’s okay

  I am not going to dwell on where I don’t fit in. And I am not going to feel sorry that I can not have who or what I would like to have. I am going to look at what people are, and what they are to me now. What they can be now….


  i don’t own a home or steeple and i depend on the friend in people i am barely here and sometimes there like a ghost slipping through a keyhole     ❖


  the sky was falling, but it still looked blue. the flower stood tall and pink. what proof do i have? it’s what i saw. what i wanted to see. the petals. the miracle moment. seeing is not believing. faith is not seeing. love is not enough on its own.     ✜


    she had wings and it didn’t matter one bit that she had no head for figures he figured he could trim her feathers keep her grounded     nmDavis

by the lake

              May 2016 . nmDavis . Marissa Rec. Area


          spring evening 2016