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This is the first poster that I have made that I am grouping under the label of “acts of kindness” to promote small acts.  Small acts, I have been told, can produce what is called a ripple effect in which the small acts spreads and effects other’s thoughts and actions.

I have seen enough of the small acts of meanness, bigotry, fear, greed, and just plain bullying. It has spread far and wide around the globe, and has infiltrated our minds and lives. Now, is the time for some kindness to blossom.



door to door


When one door closes, another opens;
but we often look so long
and so regretfully upon the closed door
that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Alexander Graham Bell


There are shut doors
barred doors,
open, cracked,
and screen doors.
Doors with windows,
some are beaded curtains.
There are secret doors and
doors with a door man.
Up and down doors,
in and out doors.
Spinning around doors.
Every day there are doors
that will never open again
for us. We know it, we hate it,
and we try to use the window.

photo by nancy marie davis

The Red Sun

redsun copy.jpg

I am now sixty-two. And time really does seem to go faster as I age. Only because we get closer to seeing the end rather than the beginning of our life here. The target looks bigger and bigger as we fly through space hurtling toward it.

As I hang onto my child heart, I also start to think of looking back less. Letting go of a lot of things that I have carried for far too long. Carrying things is something that only the young have the luxury to do. And we usually wish later on that we had learned this earlier. We hang onto things. We hold onto heavy grudges and heartaches, fears and anger. It is enough to make us sick and weary; and enough to ruin lives. Envy is a big one, as is jealousy. I can feel the heaviness when I say the words.

And it is so hard to see some of these heavy things until we are old, and looking back.

But, people of any age might take my advice.  Lighten up. Think light, pack light and let go.  You don’t have to hold on to heavy things, if you can ask, just ask for help in letting them go.  And practice the things that make life good. The things that sound light and really are very light.  Gratefulness, Love, peace, forgiveness, giving and letting go.

Find the love inside of you and feel it, share it, spread it gently without expectation.


The image is my digital art, the red sun.

i have always been

2017 buds

i have always been an artist, in a sense of thinking that is. i think colour and shape, how something has a certain feel to it, how something has a certain balance. i like things that look the way that seems right to my senses. i look at everything as shape and colour and texture, and i like to touch things. i like to smell things, and taste things, like wine and food.

i like the way that a pencil feels on paper, and a good pen. also the way paint goes down onto what is being painted. i like photography and digital work as well.

it’s the way i think. it can’t help it. i really had no choice in the matter. no matter what i do, this is how i see it. it is my art.

and for the longest time, i did not enjoy it. i hid it away and did not create things that like to make or do. i felt a pressure to please other people. and now, i understand myself. and i actually like this part of myself. and i don’t think about someone liking or not liking what it is. i just enjoy it.

and so…here i am. the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the rest.