the gift

The gift of enough

in the hill country of texas

a place of God’s people

but only a few were


my room mate

going through divorce

used most of the

space in the room

her belongings

strategically thrown


and in

our own sweet

and miserable

sadness we were


i felt


and alone

there, as well as

at home

i came

to do art

for… something

there i was

in the art studio

at night

the lights went out

i knew

i had to walk through the

stunted growth of trees

in the dark

i remember

the candles

i saw that day

in the next building

in the now darkened

and colourless center

why did i

look in that drawer

earlier that day

i don’t remember

but i remembered the matches

i made my way there

the door unlocked

i lit a candle

held it up

above my head

to see


to take a step

maybe two


it….. was

a frighteningly




in the woods

a whisper

to my heart

when i was listening

it saw me through

and i suppose

i want to believe

to have hope

within everything

in moments of our time…


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