stolen words . 3

.they rioted in Vancouver last is empowering to break a board with your bare handespecially if you believe before you get therethat you cannot do eight, she already measuresthe distance,the board where she standsi’m not going into the jail tonightas an expert on communicationwe’re the only ones who do thiswe tried to teachContinue reading “stolen words . 3”

stolen words

When you’ve had enoughin a frenzy of garden visitinga long way from hometreat yourself to a visit to Edinburghto this placei’ll tell you about it laterwhen we’re back homeIf you’re in Paris this summerplease give yourself a treatphotos and memorieslurking in the backgroundbeautifully luminousa big yummy stashof roadside flowersThese are strange timesthere are manywho will notContinue reading “stolen words”