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the poetry of stolen words

There are times when we are overcome
I sing me song
in happiness, in kindness
I have known the promise
I immediately plunked down a dollar to buy it
a beautiful old fired clay jar
over the years that I admired
a temporary statement
I’ve waited for a long time
hanging on words
as if they were living things
be watchful for signs
a good sign
Eventually it all ends up neatly arranged
on white plastic tables in a driveway.



stolen words . 4

it’s surprising how many bundles can be packed
idle sheets rolled and tied
i rode with my face looking up to the sky
wind blowing through the big elm
i took the wildflowers home with me,
along with some regretful echoes of things not said


stolen words . 3

they rioted in Vancouver last night.
it is empowering to break a board with your bare hand
especially if you believe before you get there
that you cannot do it.
at eight, she already measures
the distance,
the board where she stands
i’m not going into the jail tonight
as an expert on communication
we’re the only ones who do this
we tried to teach our children
to never pay back each other for wrongs
so when my youngest asked me
to get into the hamster wheel
i didn’t hesitate


i should probably explain.  yes, i do… i actually steal the words for the stolen words poems.  with the help of google reader, i go through the most recent posts of the blogs that i am subscribed to.  as i go, i steal a line from the first blog’s post, then i go to the next blog’s post and steal the next line.  i keep this up, adding stolen lines, until it seems the poem is done.

stolen words . 2

i do not consider myself a good writer
this just wasn’t the plan
the world buzzes about goals and visions
my heart beats only to mess up my head
i can see i will need to write things down
sometimes truth comes to us on a bathroom wall
you want to know a secret?
summer is here
the days tumble from one moment to the next
it can actually kill a person if eaten
the nature of temptation


stolen words

When you’ve had enough
in a frenzy of garden visiting
a long way from home
treat yourself to a visit to Edinburgh
to this place
i’ll tell you about it later
when we’re back home
If you’re in Paris this summer
please give yourself a treat
photos and memories
lurking in the background
beautifully luminous
a big yummy stash
of roadside flowers
These are strange times
there are many
who will not wish to leave
this summer
but, too late
it will be useless in this event
i’ll report back soon

i stole some words
but, you know they’re better off here