the poetry of stolen words

There are times when we are overcome
I sing me song
in happiness, in kindness
I have known the promise
I immediately plunked down a dollar to buy it
a beautiful old fired clay jar
over the years that I admired
a temporary statement
I’ve waited for a long time
hanging on words
as if they were living things
be watchful for signs
a good sign
Eventually it all ends up neatly arranged
on white plastic tables in a driveway.



11 thoughts on “the poetry of stolen words

  1. Ted M. Gossard

    Nice. Well, it seems to me that I write posts, or my experience in writing them for the most part is similar. Maybe true for most writings from writers. That I don’t know what will come out on the screen until I’ve typed it out. For awhile I found that amazing, but now am used to it. Must be something of how you write your poetry and do your art as well.

    1. nancy Post author

      It is. I think that is not how it is for everyone. But, i am beginning to think that this is how it is suppose to be for me.

  2. Beth

    I like how the lines are come together and make sense. My favorite part: “I have known the promise/I immediately plunked down a dollar to buy it/a beautiful old fired clay jar. . .”
    I think that’s what I’m doing when I buy pottery and any art–I’m buyin a promise of hope, inspiration, light-heartedness, sunshine on a dreary day. . .

    1. davis

      i never know what will come out, i start on the first post on my google reader list and add a line as i go down the list. every once in awhile i move a line to a different place in the order. i’m always surprised at what appears. it’s just plain done for fun…


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