stolen words . 3

they rioted in Vancouver last night.
it is empowering to break a board with your bare hand
especially if you believe before you get there
that you cannot do it.
at eight, she already measures
the distance,
the board where she stands
i’m not going into the jail tonight
as an expert on communication
we’re the only ones who do this
we tried to teach our children
to never pay back each other for wrongs
so when my youngest asked me
to get into the hamster wheel
i didn’t hesitate


i should probably explain.  yes, i do… i actually steal the words for the stolen words poems.  with the help of google reader, i go through the most recent posts of the blogs that i am subscribed to.  as i go, i steal a line from the first blog’s post, then i go to the next blog’s post and steal the next line.  i keep this up, adding stolen lines, until it seems the poem is done.

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