#7 from the list of seven changes

☞ give something away instead of keeping it

I have felt this nudge more than a few times. And i know it’s time to starting giving some things away and only keep what i use. It could take a long time to gather up things and figure out where they should go.

Then there is the stuff like smiles, hugs, attention…Love.

I could probably make a very long list of all that there is to give and share.


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12 thoughts on “seven

  1. Wayne

    Margaret schedules regular pick ups from The Purple Heart, an organization that comes o our house to gather what we have to give, to let go of. Now that I got caught up with the seven I can read the story that is unfolding on you blog

  2. Valerie Kamikubo

    I love this idea and have been actually thinking about this for a while, wondering what it might look like in my life to do it regularly. Recently, I went through all my jewelry (most of it is just costume jewelry anyway) and gave some to my niece. But there’s a lot left. I have a bunch of clear cellophane bags and thought that I might tie pieces of it up with some ribbon and a note, and then leave it in places like bus benches near work. I think that it might be fun, and like to imagine who might find it. Some of the things that I might do this with will even be somewhat sacrificial in that sentiments or fond memories are associated with them, but that’s ok. They are now things that aren’t particularly necessary in my life anymore. Maureen is right. I’ve found that in the past when I’ve done this that it’s very freeing. Now I just want to be more intentional about how I go about it.

    1. nancy Post author

      We could be very intentional. We can make it a fun process, becoming a way to use creativity.

      I wonder if you would be interested in being part of a blog set up for me, you, and others to join-together in posting ideas and ways of passing things along.

  3. Maureen

    There is something intensely freeing about letting things go.

    That “stuff like smiles, hugs, attention…Love”: we can never give away too many of those.

  4. Owen

    I am working at not gathering more (though I do poorly when it comes to books) and have also been thinking about giving certain things away (including books). I have also made a very definite decision about me and Christmas that I will most likely speak of in a post of my own in the days ahead.

    1. nancy Post author

      One by one, i have been picking out books and writing a message on the front cover. “This book is free. Read and pass-along. It’s not to be kept and put on a shelf.” And i leave the book in a place that it can be found, like on a table at the local coffee house. I am only doing this with certain books. The rest will be given in other ways. I plan to hold onto only a few that i am using. Some of them will be harder to let go of. But, that is good in it own way.

      Taking in and letting go.
      This becomes a gentle flow.


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