just thinking

#6 from the list of seven changes

think creatively instead of not thinking

I have been thinking about this list that i called seven changes, and writing about it. And, yes, they are things that could be positive. I don’t really know for sure. But, the one thing that i do know for sure is that is that without God, all that i do comes to nothing.

With that said, i would like to continue on with thinking creatively. To me, to think creatively is to think of something in more than one way.

If someone comes to me and asks me an either/or question, i should use my brain to think of more than one way. And that leads me to answer, why not both, or why not something different than those two options.

This is a reason that i have a hard time with personality tests. The answer i would give is not usually listed in their stupid multiple choices.

People can think creatively, but then there’s no fitting into the boxes. And that can either be seen as a problem or an advantage, or both, or something else all together…depending on how someone thinks.


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10 thoughts on “just thinking

  1. Wayne

    A task I deplore is filling out psych evals on students with those bubble answers. Glad it is a rare task. Today a studen suggested I draw a snowflake design for her to color… Got to keep an ear out for creative sparks.

  2. Jody Lee Collins

    Nancy, I’m a writer mostly and break into other creative ness on occasion–buttons, cards, random things. But I would not say I’m a ‘creative’ person. Except. Except that someone once said to me that creativity is just taking what’s already there and seeing a new way to put it all together. Which is what I love about words–I think my greatest joy is editing more than writing–so the creativity overlaps more than one medium, I’d say.
    I look forward to reading more about your list.


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