i have bound myself
with a chain of thought
a dream
of such things
as you
and though a thought
may get me through
hold me
it won’t
hold back
bound to come
Words . by davis rosback
Painting by Irene Belknap,“The House of Belonging”; the title and words in the painting come from a poem by David Whyte.

11 thoughts on “14

    1. nancy Post author

      Well, i am glad to hear that the words i have put down speaks to your spirit. It all makes more sense to me that way.

    1. nancy Post author

      imagine what it felt like to have it process through and out. it am always amazed how i am brought to a place to put out words. and it seems like there is an unseen work that is going on in a building connection kind of thing that i also can not explain. but, i can not call them all mine, these words, even tho they come from my feelings and my life, i realize that the words to express is not all mine, but i believe that God is doing things that i know when done through my experience, seems to become a relationship of sorts.

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