6 thoughts on “saturday sharing

  1. SimplyDarlene

    Still don’t know much about that pinterest deal. I think it hit whilst we were off-line for our 5 months. Anyway, that granola one made me think of your honey post which made me think of your granola recipe. Is that a public share deal? I mean, will you post photos and a recipe or shall I see about bribing it outta ya?


  2. Ted M. Gossard

    Nice. :-) I find it funny when it seems like coffee tastes better in some cups then others. Maybe because of what the pot was made of. But I’d almost hate to drink out of such lovely cups. Nice, all the other art work as well!

    1. nancy Post author

      True for me as well. Different drinks really do taste different depending on the container or vessel. Is it not strange. Wine, i know can taste amazingly different depending on just the shape of the glass. And that being all from glass glasses. Does it not make you think…?

    1. nancy Post author

      One could even equate it to a pot luck dinner. A gathering where others bring what they like and others dip in and taste. Since i am a very visual individual, it brings something to the table that speaks in a language that i understand. It’s like meeting people that speak a familiar language. Like you say, a great place to start for exploring art and artists.


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