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I went to McMinnville today to buy something from the art supply store.  Just around the corner from there
is Boersma’s.  It’s small fabric store (sewing machines, miele vacuums, repair, quilting) that has a good
selection of nice fabric.  I ended up buying some fabric to make colourful pillow covers for 16″ square pillows.  
I’m thinking maybe i could sell a few.  I like fabric, and i am pretty good at sewing things with straight lines.
I put the pencils in the photos to give an idea of the size of the print.  These fabrics were in their bargain
area.  The fabric is very expensive to start with, so i thought that it would be a good place to start.  Though,
they require a purchase at least one yard of the bargain selections.  I had fun with matching fabric for the 
fronts and backs of the covers.
How do you think i did?  Do you like any of the match-ups?

16 thoughts on “something new

  1. Beth

    My favorite is the first one–love the shades of pink set off with a golden yellow and crisp white. Just looking at a pillow in these prints would lift my spirits on a rainy day! All three sets are lovely, but the third set is my second favorite—love the soft blue back cover and the colorful ‘garden’.
    Great choices; great idea!:>)

  2. steve

    I can’t wait to see the final products! I love the blue paisley style pattern. Nice pairing of patterns. (and choice of pencil color!) Sewing is a real craft, my grandmother was the last person in my family that sewed.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thank you. I could look for a very long time at fabric design and colour. I was taught to sew, but, the having to rip-out the mistakes…and zippers, and button holes! Well, let’s just say i like to keep to the straight and simple lines. I did, however, learn to appreciate a well made, hand made, item. Not a lot of people sew for themselves anymore. With the cost of the fabric and the time involved…and the inexpensive items made in China, and brand names, and advertising…and..and..well. I’ll shut-up now.

      1. S. Etole

        I used to make and sell soft-fabric crafts … bunnies, Santas, bears … you name it. I also sew my own slacks.

  3. mdoallas

    All of these are great, though I’d be partial to first and third. Be sure to show us your pillows!

  4. lschontos

    I like them all Nance – but I especially love the last ones. I think they will make beautiful pillows. I am such a poor sewer, but I’d like to make some pillows for our new house. Maybe you could do a little tutorial? :-)


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