it was august



this photo is from my archives.  it was taken in 2008.  i had a table set up on the back porch near two

hanging hammock chairs, as a place to set reading books and cool drinks.  we get a fairly strong breeze

through here almost every summer evening, so we kept a few good size stones handy.  cj painted the cat

stone at a friend’s house.  the friend’s grandmother paints lovely backgrounds with verses on smooth

beach stones.  one day she brought stones, paint and ideas for the girls to do their own stones.

btw, the book in the photo “stone crossings”  is a very good read…written by L.L. Barkat.

last week was spring break, it rained a lot, and i just haven’t gotten many new photos lately.  as you can

see, i keep digging them out of the old stash.  i took some time to clean up my art area and i am finishing

a couple of sewing projects.  my painting is still in process along with a smaller acrylic and a small

watercolour that was half completed and set aside a year ago.  i have also been making granola from

scratch.  it’s easy and tastes much better than than bought.  i haven’t made it for ages. i wonder what

other old recipes i could bring out.  seems i keep digging into all the old stuff and giving it another go.



13 thoughts on “it was august

  1. monicasharman

    Making granola is one of the best things my mother-in-law taught me. Her recipe has almonds, but I never put them in because my husband doesn’t like nuts. So I just throw some in my bowl.

  2. mdoallas

    Cool stones for cool reading. . . and some granola on the side (I take mine with dried cherries and mango).


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