along the road



1550s from L. urgere, to press hard, push, drive, compel

from pie root werg- to work.  cf. avestan vereza, work, activity

gk. ergon, work, orgia religious performances, organon tool,

armeian gorc work lith. tie, fasten squeeze,vargas need, distress,

o.c.s. vragu enemy, o.e. wyrcan work, goth wrikan persecute,

o.e. wrecan drive, hunt, pursue, o.n. yrka work, take effect.



o.e. plegian to excercise, frolic perform music

from w.gmc. plegan. – cf. m.du. pleyen to rejoice and be glad

of uncertain origin



1. sleep o.e. raeste, reste . rest. bed. intermission of labor. mental peace

from p.gmc rastjo rasto.  original sense seems to be a measure of distance

cf. o.h.g. rasta league of miles, o.n. rost league. distance after which one rests.

gothic rasta mile. stage of a journey.

2.remainder, early 15c., from reste remnant, from rester to remain,

from l. restare stand back. be left.  from,re- back+stare, to stand.




photo from my archives

7 thoughts on “along the road

  1. Simply Darlene

    Ah, miss Susie and Davis, lost marbles are a frequent topic of conversation ’round these parts.

    A BYOM party, aye?

    urge + play + rest = interesting combo.



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