I came to a child-like faith and Love of Jesus in the 1970’s. I had wandered away from that for 25 years, married   twice, both times to non-believers.  But, i came back. I entered a place of major depression and anx…and during that time, God was the only one for me to talk with. With a part of life gone, it was good to see that He was there with me in that place.
I see and know that God is with me now, even with all the things that have been given back to me for this time. I know that all that we have been given is just for a short time. All the good and the bad that we go through, it’s just for this short life that we have been given.
For me, it is God, that is the the higher power. But, to have God, i knew that needed to believe in His son. I struggled with a doubt of Jesus that came upon me then, a stubborn doubt that haunted me, until i returned to the child-like Love of Jesus. That took a couple of years, and i do not want to go back to the doubt.

It was in the child faith where freedom came. I don’t tend to try and prove my belief to others. But, I have found less reason to be afraid of speaking about it, to non believers, and i like more to be able to have a place with others in which it is accepted to speak of it. An acceptance and some understanding. Mainly, i just believe, and try to pay attention. I am still like everyone else, in that i am live on the earth where there is darkness. The closer one is to this darkness, the harder it is to see it, but, it is there none the less.

I think a person can be walking far away from the light for many years, and not know it. I was. Now, i know, that even with God, i still live walking this scale of light to dark. And, that everyone that believes, still lives in place between the light of God and the darkness of evil. 
We continually have choice to use in life. Sometimes we use our choice to take us farther from the light, and sometimes we use our choice in a way that bring us closer. I have found that walking close to the light is the best place to be.  Even if i must make, what seems at the time to be, a hard, and not so rewarding, choice. The  darkness brings to us some very enticing choices that are hard to pass up.
We can be living in some kind of torture and still be walking in the Light, we can be living in ease and be blinded by the darkness. What believers go through, they can go through it, either closer the light or to the darkness.  
I find it better to go through everything closer to the Light, in the child-like Love for Jesus, which connects my spirit to the Spirit of God, who is of Love and Light.

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