mozart, dr. who & stuffed eggs


peter and i went to the spring concert at george fox university last week.
the week before that we went to the university to see “the taming of the shrew.”
the concert was good and the play was totally fun.
i really liked seeing the action and costuming of the play.


i watched the first in the new series of “doctor who” this weekend.
they filmed it in america.  they have a scene of the the oval office.
in another scene the doctor wears a stetson.  it suits him actually.


i like pens with purple ink and fine tips.


who has a good recipe for stuffed eggs?  i have never made them.
i wonder how to get the yoke to stay in the middle when they are boiled.


i think that lady bugs are cute.


singing your thanks to God can do good things.

Lord, thank you for the beautiful blue sky
thank you for the white clouds passing by…

now, you can add your lines :-)


13 thoughts on “mozart, dr. who & stuffed eggs

  1. Linda

    i love the way music stirs the souli love the way dancing makes my heart singP.S. Nance, I just heard a little tip about getting the yolk to stay in the middle – stir the eggs gently around while they're boiling (not sure it works, but it couldn't hurt :-) ).

  2. nance marie

    hey there, briani am amazed at how many people like those eggs!i think i will give it a shot at making them.thank you, Lord for shining your Light into my dark soul.

  3. Brian Miller

    i love deviled eggs….thank you for hot daze lazing by the pond with a fishing pole between my toes, with my boys…i ned to get me a stetson so i can be american…smiles.

  4. B. Meandering

    It's too early to write coherent words, but I will ask if you mean deviled eggs where you boil the egg whole, then peel and split open? After you scoop out the yoke you then make the filling. If that's what you want, let me know.


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