the subject… "adventure"

life is an adventure, from the first breath to the last.  don’t you think?  the good, the bad, the mystery.  so many things to see and learn.  no shortage of different people to talk to.  and best of all, i have the Holy Spirit of God as my counselor and comforter, always with me.  always softly speaking to my spirit, which i also call my heart, since what i think of as my spirit is located around about my heart.  where do you feel your spirit?  sometimes i feel things right behind my eyes, but mainly it seems around my heart.  though, sometimes both together.

when i was younger, i thought one had to make big plans or do something grand to call it an adventure.  now, this does not seem to be the case.  now i think that quite a bit of adventure can take place in creativity, imagination, planning, playing.  it can take place in my home, my yard, neighborhood, town, state.  it can be something very small.  but, mainly it is knowing that God’s Holy Spirit is with my spirit.

that is the ultimate adventure.

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21 thoughts on “the subject… "adventure"

  1. nance marie

    thank you all for your wonderful comments.cris, i agree, God sometimes lets me see the extraordinary that is hidden within the ordinary, and the adventure that is blocked by my lack of listening to Him.

  2. Lorrie

    Most definitely the biggest adventure! You are right on in how you describe the physical local of where you feels things. It is even now scientifically proven that our heart, our literal heart acts as a kind of 2nd brain that registers emotion, intent, etc and relays back and forth with our 'main brain', acting in teh role of conscience. Isn't that fantastic?! I've read other scientific evidence that even says that our 'gut' has knowledge. We even say.. "I just feel it in my gut!" I think that we are wonderfully created!!

  3. B. Meandering

    Yes, I feel it in my heart, but when God is nudging me to do something I feel kind of a jab in the ribs and a gut feeling!Adventure can be simple taking a stroll around the yard with the camera or sitting and REALLY listening to a student talk about something that she/he cares about.Adventure is wherever we're open to life, I think.

  4. A Joyful Noise

    Adventures do not need to be large, but they can be something very small. Walking with God is a daily adventure! The Holy spirit is our guide through each adventure. He is in us and we are In Him. Where do I "feel" God? Mostly in my heart, but often in my thoughts. Some say our Soul is our emotions and our Spirit is where God dwells.However at times, I know God is also in my emotions too. The old Negro spiritual says, God is all over me! I believe that too!

  5. Anne Lang Bundy

    : ) to you Nance Marie ~I do think I feel my spirit surrounding my heart, His breath breathing into mine–and I think I feel my spirit just above that pesky soul that can try to drag down all three if I'm not fixed on the One Who leads the adventure.

  6. Valerie Kamikubo

    I am reminded of that Michael Card song "Joy in the Journey" where he sings of the "wildness and wonder of life". Life is indeed an adventure! Even the small things, like sips of tea or or watching a paint brush release it's pigment into the rinse water… every moment, an adventure!


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