the "heart" of the matter


do you see the problems in the church ?

i can not tell you the future

but, i can tell you why the problems are there.

and i can tell you the only way to healing and renewal is Jesus.


in the previous post, i mentioned “getting our butts out of the church and
getting our heads out of our butts.”
i know that is not exact, well… to tell you the truth, it’s wrong…


“get your butt out of the church”… actually it has to do with my heart, not your butt.

what is my focus?

i am not owned by the church, i am owned by God.
my focus must be on God and God alone.
i am owned by God.
i belong to God.
not a church, not my family, not my job, not money, not my desires,
not my friends, my pet, my plans, or my life.
they are not to be my main focus.


“get your head out of your butt”… and again it’s not your butt, or your head, but…my heart.

i must look at my heart…

really look at it
come to my God as a child
give everything to Him
every care, every lifetime hurt, every adult worry
put my heart in His hands and be a child
go back and let my heart be a child heart without hurt and worry,
without anger, leaving all issues to Him… and rest there.
my heart belongs to God
go to him with the heart of a child
seek Him first

let go of my expectations
be the servant at heart
strive to be the lowest at heart
God is my master
not a church, not my family, not my job, not anything or anyone in the world.
God is my master, my focus.
go to Him with the heart of a servant.


so, i can’t just point my finger at your butt, your head, or the church.  go figure.

it’s actually me, and my heart before God.  and yours.  and everyone’s actually.

Jesus did not say these things just to hear Himself talk.

i believe he meant every word He said.

and i have not been doing it.  (note to self, “just do it”.)

no more wondering and complaining.

when i mess up…He told me what to do there too.  (just do it.)

i have no excuses when i don’t look at my own heart and put my focus on God.

i must do my part in the huge and glorious body of Christ Jesus.

yep, it’s really up to little old me…well…and you too.

and taking the old log out of the eye and all that stuff.


12 thoughts on “the "heart" of the matter

  1. HisFireFly

    "i am not owned by the church, i am owned by God. my focus must be on God and God alone."This is what God has been speaking into my heart for the last year or so…Amen and well said.


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