eat your vegetables


i have read a couple of posts today that are about churches and the wars that go on
with the people within those churches.

people say it’s going on everywhere…

i thought…what the crap is wrong with us?

my mom use to say “just think of all the starving children in china” when i didn’t want
to eat the slimy tomato bread stuff or the chalky lima beans she served up.

i must be turning into my mom…ugh…because i was thinking “just think about those
underground churches in china, ethiopia, north korea, iran, turkey…?

do you think that they are arguing over worship songs, or carpet colours?

we need to get our butts out of the building and our heads out of our butts, man.

i know, my mother would not have said that…then again maybe she would have.


13 thoughts on “eat your vegetables

  1. Kelly Sauer

    I think a lot like you sometimes. Most of the time, actually. which is why I like coming here.Sometimes I wish I was in China. I already worship underground; I've heard from churches that it's not possible to have a relationship with God the way I have…You would like

  2. Louise Gallagher

    My mother used to tell me to think about the starving children… but they were in AFrica. Imagine, I never knew there were starving children in China. which, while it may sound flippant is germane. Those children have grown up craving 'the church'. They've carried that dream and are still living it — in crawl spaces.While we, not having to dream or crave for freedom to worship, trivialize the freedom we have. And Glynn, I wondered if that were so. Thank you.


    You preach it, girl!I just heard on the news about folks in an underground church in China getting arrested a couple days ago. We take so much for granted. And yes, we need a little shaking up sometimes. I don't love everything about my church, and I accept that no church is going to be perfect. but I love the church.

  4. Glynn

    It's not just about worship music, Nancy, or the color of the carpet. There is a profound and fundamental change happening across evangelical Christianity in North America. The so-called "worship wars" are only a symptom. Another way to look at could be that,as churches in North America tear themselves apart, the impetus of the faith is passing to Asia, Africa and South America.

  5. Anne Lang Bundy

    One of my favorite stories about an underground church is that they met in a crawl space, because they were able to sing praise there without being heard, which would risk arrest.The older I get, the more foolish I feel for all the things I've allowed to bother me. You are absolutely right!


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