reasoning and faith


we have already decided, for the most part, what is work and what is play.
however, we are all in need of a labeling adjustment.  we don’t need to
label something work just because someone else calls it work.

what i am getting at, is that something becomes what we call it.
let me just say that names have power.
and what we call something gives it that power.

we have a choice how we want to look at something and how we want to
view it.  looking at something a certain way over a period of time can
train our brain to think that way about it.

why do you think that politicians and advertisers come up with different
slogans and names?

why do you think that we don’t have a president named pookie?
or a wine called swill?  or a hotel chain called camp work? 
the name gives us an image of which our brain has mainly already been
trained how to think.

i have a friend that is in the process of writing his thesis.  he has a full time job,
a wife who works, a child in grade school, a dog, etc.  he keeps putting things
off because he “must” write his theses.  and well, it sounds like a heavy weight
that he is dragging around on a chain, to tell you the truth.
and the reasoning is the culprit.

he is taking the classes, not because he wanted to learn from them, not because
he has any interest in them, but…because he thinks that it will make his job more
secure in the future.  he has already given the class and the thesis a reason, and
and that makes a huge statement to his brain.  the message to his brain is that this
is taking him away from what he would usually be doing, or things that he would
rather be doing.  there is no room for any other type of thought.

when we are going to be doing something, the reason that we choose to see,
will colour and flavor and name it.  and we can let this take over.

the thing is, if we face everyday and everything in a new light, with new possibilities,
with a sense of the unknown, in faith, with less of our own reasoning; then there is
room for new things to happen.

it is not work, it is not play, it is not what we think…, it is new.
it is following the Spirit in faith.

that gives God the room to colour, flavor and and name what we do each day.
God will make every day new to our head and to our heart.

are you willing to be renewed?

5 thoughts on “reasoning and faith

  1. M.L. Gallagher

    Yes! So much wisdom.I always say this at the shelter — if you call yourself 'homeless' you become what you call yourself. If 'we' call people, The Homeless, we dehumanize the very one's we serve, and we keep them where we label them.Great post nAncY. Fabulous!

  2. Maureen

    So much wisdom you've expressed about being open to possibilities, to seeing in "new light", to making space for what is and can be… and in faith.Stunning image, too.

  3. nance marie

    rachel, Believers are just so use to paying more attention to our old ways of thinking than we are to paying attention to God's Spirit speaking within us.We have to be listening in a new way to hear this voice that speaks to the heart/our spirit.

  4. Rachel Hoyt

    I love this… positive thinking and faith mixed together. I completely agree that the way we think about and talk about something can change our mood. It's not the other way around (most of the time).


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