allow your self


(please, read slowly)

the feeling of play
when you were a child
think about that feeling…
it was a feeling of your heart lifting,
sparked interest, imagination, creativity, goodness.
allow yourself to smile and feel this.

we allow this feeling to be taken away from us.

let your heart feel it.

remember, then feel it.
let your self remember play,
because i think this helps you to be aware of the
Holy Spirit that is living within you.

allow yourself to feel the perfect Spirit of the Holy God that is within you.
let the Spirit comfort your heart.

feel your wonderfully tender heart.

allow yourself
to feel
the goodness of the Spirit.

God is with you
in Jesus.

in the good and in the evil that is our life here,
God is as near as your heart.

take the courage given,
take the faith offered.

open your heart.



7 thoughts on “allow your self

  1. A Simple Country Girl

    Oh yes! I did this yesterday in the pasture with my son. We bundled coats over pajamas and shot off some rubber-band-launched rockets. Then we ran, giggling and screeching to catch them before they hit the ground. While I was running I felt something odd… now I know it was actually play that I felt pounding in my chest.And you know what we do with pies around here? Eat them for breakfast. With our fingers. (for real)Blessings.


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