simplify . the journey

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1. don’t keep left overs.  you will just have to clean it out from the back
 of the fridge after it has turned yucky.

2. don’t worry, that simplifies a lot, without even lifting a finger.

3. use simple words.

4. think simple thoughts.

5. simply Love.

6. don’t fight, it makes things more complicated.

7. smile. things are easier when you smile.

8. say something nice to people.  it’s a simple thing that does a lot of good.

9. never make a list of ten things. it’s just obnoxious.

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9 thoughts on “simplify . the journey

  1. Cheryl Smith

    This is great! Lists of 10 obnoxious? Who knew? :)I'm working on a gratitude list (1000 gifts aren't obnoxious) but might have to consider a future simplify list.Thanks for adding to the conversation. Good stuff here!

  2. nance marie

    i keep leftovers, but, not as many as i use to. i am a little more thoughtful as to what people will or will eat in the next couple of days. but, still…some of them end up hiding in the back. there is a guy that cooks for the grape harvest crew for about a month. he has gotten really good at figuring out just about how much people will eat and makes just a tiny bit less…so all gets eaten. he hates to have leftovers. he instead makes a new meal.there is one leftover that i especially like however, and that is stew. to me, it is always better a day old and heated up.

  3. Amy Sullivan

    Nancy,I want to argue with you and tell you how wrong you are about number one because I am in love with the idea of eating leftovers. However, sadly, you are right. Toss those leftovers and save yourself some work!Nice meeting you through the link-up.


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