one word . winter


I am not a big fan of winter in Oregon.  I like to see the sun.
Winter here is very cloudy, grey and wet.  Chill to the bone kind of wet.
The season of winter is one that i spend looking for spring.  I have to admit, though, that
spring does come fairly early here in the northwest, taking a small share of winter, but sadly
it can go and steal some of the summer as well.  It’s the most greedy of seasons here.
Last year it rained every single day of June.  Greedy old spring.

Today, i visited the farmer’s almanac web page,
where i was informed that there are 55 days until spring.

I have even seen some signs of spring such as:

1. Teachers are starting to get crabby.
2. My neighbor was standing in his garden today.
3. There are a few dandelions in the yard.
4. The cat came out of the garage.

See, spring is just around the corner.

Though i am sure that there are many more cold, dark and wet days of winter yet to go,
I’m going to keep my eyes open for more signs of spring.

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16 thoughts on “one word . winter

  1. lynnmosher

    Love that photo! And I love that the cat comes out of the garage. Too fun! I guess if most days were gray and wet, I'd be looking forward to spring also! Great post! :D

  2. A Joyful Noise

    I liked your line: "The season of winter is one that I spend looking for spring." A lot of waiting there. I believe we are in the winter of the world, waiting and longing for the return of our Lord. It will be soon that the sun will shine on the SON of God, and it will always be your favorite season. Is it perhaps spring?

  3. Laura

    Sunday evening as I drove home from a meeting I noticed that the daylight was lingering just a wee bit longer. Oh, for the sun to show her face longer!

  4. Anne Lang Bundy

    I didn't know that damp, get-down-in-your-bones cold until I moved to Michigan. I don't know what I'd do without the dry, get-down-in-your-bones heat of a wood stove.I love your line about spring stealing some of summer.

  5. Maureen

    Love the image. Gorgeous. We have to get through March before we can say we're on the way to spring. March is one of the weirdest weather months in the D.C. area, often both winter and spring at the same time.

  6. jasonS

    I know all about the cloudy, gray, and wet. We get it most of the year here in Juneau. So I have to look for days instead of seasons. When we get a stretch of 1 or 2 weeks of sun, we can hardly contain ourselves. The good thing is that either way with all the mountains, ocean, etc.–it's beautiful. Thanks Nance.

  7. B. Meandering

    Incredible photo.Even if we couls see the ground, it would be brown not green. Dandelions already?! No way here in Ohio.As for teachers being crabby, here it's called midterms and end of a semester with all its demands! Our 'spring crabbiness' arrives in March.:)


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