sum it up

sum it up
+ x – =

is it in the space between us
or the places where we touch
that produces friction
or attraction
the need for addition
or subtraction
figures determined
to figure out
just what it’s all about

the poem is my contribution for the picture prompt challenge.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Maureen says:

    Definitely a good one! Great take on the photo.

  2. interesting take — quantifying love, passion in numbers… nice rhyme too! enjoyed it.

  3. hedgewitch says:

    In both, I think. Thankfully, a knowledge of higher math is not required for kissing or I'd be out of luck. ;) Nice take. Enjoyed it.

  4. That was fun…interesting take on this.

  5. Reflections says:

    Interesting mathematical equation… summing up to passion. lovely

  6. Beachanny says:

    Very clever…added up to a good poem. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  7. dustus says:

    Perfect title and great rhymes. Very creative way to approach the prompt. Love it. Cheers

  8. Glynn says:

    I like the mathematics of passion. :) Nice one, Nancy.

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