eating my words


fool that i am
sorrow in a goodbye
that i did not want to say
i swallow my feelings whole
and they go down
like oysters raw
slipping into depth’s darkness
their salty trace
a bitter taste
on my tongue


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  1. This one is a keeper. Very poignant, and, dare I say, raw… :)

  2. So… how did you know that's what I do?I am so glad to have found you again!HugsLouise

  3. what great use of simile — feelings like raw oysters sliding down the throat… very well said.

  4. Gulp.That's a lot right here, Nancy.

  5. Linda says:

    You have perfectly captured the way I have felt. This is such a good poem Nancy.

  6. Oh Nancy. I so feel this, especially since I can also feel those oysters. Yuck. It's the way I ate liver when my mom made me. A little piece and a lot of catsup to slide down whole.

  7. Whew! The metaphors and simile are quite strong and I feel the entire poem. I even feel the oysters sliding down. (Nancy, I detest oysters!)Hoped writing this helped. It's simple, but extremely powerful. Great work, friend, but I'm sorry that you had to experience the incident and sorrow that prompted it.

  8. Duane Scott says:

    Okay. just signed up. This confuzzled me that you went running away from poems and prayers. Anyway, good to see you again!

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