tualatin river, oregon

i took the header photo, above, today on a road that i take fairly often. 
it once was a back road to get to beaverton, it’s still a back road,
comparatively speaking.  the traffic has gone from meandering tractors,
pick-ups and little car traffic, to very fast commuter traffic. 

i pulled off the road as far as i could, which still left my car very close to
the line.  it was late in the day and cloudy, but the sun was peeking out for
what i knew would only be a minute or two, so i put on the hazard lights,
and as they were blinking away, i grabbed my camera and watched for a
chance to jump out of my car. 

quickly making my way to the middle of the bridge, to take the photograph,
cars were zooming past, and i imagined getting the life smacked out of me
by a car.  but, as i saw the light hit the water, all was silent.  for one second,
the world stood still.

• blog site for tualatin riverkeepers

• article . hiking the lost falls of the tualatin river

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