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merlot and pie


Harvest has started. Peter drove Big Blue, our truck, down the Columbia River Gorge yesterday, spent the night with some friends and then headed for the vineyard in eastern Washington in the early morning, to be there in time to be there for the grape picking of the Merlot. The vineyard is just north a way from the river, but it’s pretty far out to the east. This Merlot is usually the first vineyard to ripen, of the vineyards that we get grapes from. The plants got frozen over the winter so it is a small crop. But, it’s a crop, and it it looks lovely. So, for anyone that likes Merlot, all is looking good.
We continue to get on and off rain. As a matter of fact, it’s raining right now. Though, the forecast, as it stands this afternoon, is looking pretty good for Friday through Wednesday.

Had a few more peaches from the farmer’s market from last week.  So i just made a peach pie.  As i have only made apple or berry pies in the past, this is my first peach pie.  I usually can’t bear to put good peaches into a pie.  Just out of the oven to cool.  I will let you know later if it was worth using the peaches or not.

talk of grape harvest

The rains have been coming and going for several days now. Since it is not a continual rain, and the winds do come and dry the grapes a bit in between the rains, and since it is relatively cool, there is still hope for a good harvest with little rot. It drives the vineyardists and winemakers crazy in waiting. They’re all champing at the bit to get the grapes off of the vines.
Will the fruit become ripe and ready for the harvest?
It may help if the grapes were watched and taken care of,  if they were regularly sprayed with sulphur, if some of the leaves around the grapes were cleaned off, and if some of the fruit was dropped early enough.
But, mainly, it’s up to how God delivers the weather.
We just keep on tasting the grapes, measuring the sugar levels, and i imagine there have been some prayers said. I don’t know what is best to pray, so i tell Jesus what i would like, and then ask for Him to pray for what is best.