on the heart


This is me, now, on the inside. Yes, I have to admit that I am many ages that insist on coming along for the ride. They don’t let go. Intent on being part of my heart and soul, no matter where I have gone or what I have done.

I look at this picture and I wonder what made me think, all of my life, that I was not pretty. I believe that I listened to the lies and the pressure, and compared myself with people that seemed better than me, smarter than me, prettier than me.  And all along, I did not realize that I was not the only one that felt the need to be accepted.  Today, I know that everyone, of all ages, have their own struggles. And comparing oneself with others is a dead end job. However a certain love is life-giving.

I hope to be able to look past differences, or my own feelings of dissatisfaction or fear, and instead allow Love to be where it is needed. And for this love to feed the hunger and the longing and to give the peace that is beyond our understanding.

It is no use having any armor that is not of the Light. God is what is left when everything else is taken away. The greatest of what is left to anyone, is the living Love that is God, the power that we know personally, and yet we don’t understand in a way that we can put into words.

It is there in spite of our human pettiness, rules, desires, hate, finger pointing, greed, …stupidity, laziness, needs, …expectations of others and ourselves, …selfishness, and fear. It is there, despite all the things that we are, and that we can not be.

We seem to find it impossible to simply give our heart for love in God, and secondly give love to others.  That is just not in our practice of feeding ourselves with what we make… or buy… or build for ourselves…or do for God what we choose.

We don’t listen. We take a simple command and make it into what we want.

All the while, the power is there, in the simple words of directing one’s heart to Love God… and in doing so, connect to the power of light and Love that works in ways beyond our understanding.  And we do not need to understand.  We are children, of all ages, we are children. Good and bad, we are. It is what it is. If anyone compares someone as worse or better, it takes our eyes off of the truth.

Comparison will get believers in Christ nowhere. Finger pointing at others will get believers in Christ nowhere.  As children we have a heart and soul to connect to the greatest power there is.  In simplicity, it is a most important thing that is asked of us.

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