# 3 from the list of seven changes

Experience live music instead of recorded.

I put this one down because i don’t often go and see a live performance of any kind. My husband has gotten into the Portland symphony lately. I go with him to some of them, but i don’t have an appreciation for all of it.

When i was at the artist retreat, there were musicians there as well. I realized how much i liked hearing and seeing someone play and sing. I just like a small venue. And it doesn’t need to be someone famous.

I can’t even imagine how music was regarded before one could play recorded music. But i realize that it’s a social event. I think that i’m missing the more personal connection that local live music can offer.

I spend too much time in my own little circle and could make an effort to get in touch with more things in my own community. Live music will be one good way to do that.

photo from flickr


    1. Yes, i love the farmer’s market music. And our local coffee shop has free music for about an hour and a half on Friday nights. It would also be kind of fun to gather up some volunteers to play for free in the area. Maybe i should take up my flute again. Do you think anyone would want to hear flute music?

  1. Being able to hear musicians perform live is, for me, a real treat. There’s risk in live music (in recorded music you’re not apt to get “mistakes”), creative response to the audience (and vice versa), energy (and sometimes lack of it); it’s also about community, people coming together to play the music and people coming together to hear it. When you can make the connection, it’s not only inspiring, it’s emotionally deep.

    1. The creative response is a wonderful part of the connection isn’t it? Music is a an interesting form of communication. It seems to attach words (lyrics) to our memory, where other words slip on by. It truly can be an emotionally deep connection when certain things come together. And i especially like how it can bring both makers and listeners together.

  2. There’s an old movie theater not far from here. The YMCA and a private investor purchased it and they use it for small concerts. It only has two hundred seats and it is an awesome venue to see a performer. The sound quality is beautiful and the room is very intimate. It’s the perfect answer to not wanting to go to an arena concert or a bar to see live music.

    1. And the old movie theaters have a bit more character than the newer ones…thought i’m not sure what that is…i think maybe they are less slanted and wider…and may even have some decorative lighting.

      What a great thing to have in your neighborhood.

  3. I’ve just read through all of these posts Nance. I absolutely agree. I am finding that the noise all around me is beginning to wear me out. I am trying to be more intentional about being quiet – not an easy thing to do I’m finding.

    1. Yes, we have sound around us all the time. The hum of fridge and computer, the cars going by, the airplanes flying overhead, lawn mower, etc. I have found that if my car is in the garage, it is very quiet inside my car…a nice quiet spot. Though there are still the sounds of thought. Those seem to be quieted while giving things over to God and resting in Him for a bit.

      It is good of you to mention times of laying it down and of quiet.

    1. a lot of places are really into packing the people in, and it can be expensive. but small coffee shops and places closer to the community can be free or inexpensive. and anyone who plays music for personal enjoyment could share their music in small places around their own community as a way of giving. and one could put out a tip jar if there is a need to make some cash.

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