seven changes



Seven changes that i would like to think on and write about in the next few days.


1.. watch life instead of television
2.. speak with God instead of trying to do it all
3.. experience live music instead of recorded
4.. speak softly instead of loudly
5.. talk face to face instead of using a device
6.. think creatively instead of not thinking
7.. give something away instead of keeping it




12 thoughts on “seven changes

  1. beth

    My daughter and son-in-law do not have TV. They have one, but they can’t get any channels—they are not hooked up to anything. They have one video–an incredible animal one that the 3 yr. old loves to watch. But he and his sister know Big Bird and particularly Elmo from books not from the TV. The difference between them and my son’s kids are huge in contentment to be alone, play with what’s available, read or look at books, and observe. Abby is esp. attentive to life outside the car window. I was not nearly as tired with spending an afternoon babysitting them as I was Addy from Ohio who is 5 and even sick, demanded constant attention. One book and she was done.

    Now, am I ready to give it up? Not there yet, but I have been questioning some of my choices in programs. I watched a new one two weeks in a row and found myself edgy after the 2nd show and disgusted with the meanness on it. They upped the ‘anty’ on meanness and dishonesty for the 2nd one. I will not watch it again.

    1. nancy Post author

      That’s a good story about your grandkids.

      I know that my family is not at a place to give up watching tv. Like you, i am going to be questioning my choices. But mainly i want to be paying attention to the small voice.
      Our public broadcasting channel gives us may good choices and i can always record any of those that i choose to see.

  2. Maureen

    I “found” a poem in your proposed actions (meaning changes depending on how you read it):

    experience life
    with God speak
    softly talk
    creatively give
    something instead
    of keeping
    it all to watch


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