coming of age


I look in the mirror and see, finally see, my oldness.  It’s been coming slowly enough that i was able to ignore it for quite awhile. But, now the image in my brain has finally caught up with reality. I can see why so many have compared aging to the changing of the seasons as it comes in slow turns. I not only now see my oldness, i am also feeling it deeply.

Old has come and there is no going back. Men’s eyes no longer follow my form. I am invisible to onlookers. Teens become silent. Young women keep their distance not wanting to become me. I am now a member of the old woman gang. The gang with chains of prayer and black leather boots. We have been stripped and refined. We are fierce.

27 thoughts on “coming of age

  1. Glynn

    And we vote!

    We Boomers will not go into old age gracefully. We’re going to fight it, fiercely. Although, I, for one, will be willing to fight in the streets and cities, but I’m not prepared to fight it on the beaches.

  2. Wayne

    There is something to be said with aging well. Fierce it is. I had a much younger staff member tell me that other than my gray hair, that I seemed young to him.

  3. scozzese

    ‘They go with everything. Well, no. Actually, everything goes with them’. With you definitely re: those boots…

  4. Maureen

    As that saying goes, “We’re not getting old, we’re getting better.” And as that other saying goes, “And we’re worth it.”

    And I’ll take fierce!

    1. davis

      Dear Ms. Fierce,
      I think you should also go for a pair of black leather boots. They go with everything. Well, no. Actually, everything goes with them.

  5. shrinkingthecamel

    Refined, but Fierce. Yes, that’s a good way to put it. Gentlemen also deal with their own challenges of aging. I am feeling it in my bones. My 52 year-old fierce bones. But I bought some new cologne that comes from France, which makes all the difference.


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