guitar lessons
are now on wednesday
instead of tuesday
i made the orthodontist
appointment for tuesday
instead of wednesday
a book is in at the library
ready for pick-up
i need to mail a bill
and scrape paint
then repaint on the house
and the wood needs to be stacked
and cj needs driving hours
and i am to pick-up someone
at the airport this morning
lazy days of summer
where did you go?



14 thoughts on “august

  1. Beth

    btw love your summer end poem and the gorgeous collage of flowers
    i have decided to try my hand in creating one poem a week on my blog
    i wonder how this good intention will turn out!;>)

  2. Beth

    table strewn with my last hurrah
    organization of the bill drawer
    before school
    wreaks havoc
    to my good intentions

    so how did i miss
    payment of one
    in my organizing
    i mislaid a file

    good intentions
    sometimes. . .
    not so good

    1. nancy Post author

      do dads
      pens and paper
      school supplies
      schedule my drives
      over the hills of ohio
      pictures of the morning skies

    1. nancy Post author

      leaving it clear blue
      leaving me without a clue
      head in the air
      doing what i have done
      doing what it is i do
      with a hazy
      glaze of where i was
      just because
      there is no shadow
      at noon


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