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A continuation from yesterday’s first post of Christian Wiman.




“Christ is contingency,” I tell M. as we cross the railroad tracks and walk down the dusty main street of this
little town that is not the town where I was raised but both reassuringly and disconcertingly reminiscent of it:
the ramshackle resiliency of the buildings around the square; Spanish rivering right next to rocklike English,
the two fusing for a moment into a single dialect then splitting again; cowboys with creekbed faces stepping
determinedly out of the convenience store with sky in their eyes and twelve-packs in their arms. I have spent
the past four weeks in solitude, working on these little prose fragments that seem to be the only thing I can
sustain, trying day and night to “figure out” just what it is I believe, a mission made more urgent by the fact
that I have recently been diagnosed with an incurable but unpredictable cancer. How strange it is to be back
in this place, where visible distance is so much a part of things that things acquire a kind of space, an otherness,
a nowhere-ness, as if even the single scrub cedar outside the window where I’m working holds—in its precise
little limbs, its assertive seasonless green—the fact of its absence.
to be continued…
There is an interview of Christian Wiman  from 2007 at the blog Kaurab Online.

5 thoughts on “wiman . two

  1. Simply Darlene

    ramshackle resiliency…

    I reckon we all could use a big dollop of that.

    (I can’t tell how old he is from the image, but he writes from a heart that seems to hold lots o’ wisdom. I’m debating on clicking away and reading ahead… )

    Thanks for sharing this series.


    1. nancy Post author

      i was thinking if i just put the link, that it would bee to boring to get any one to click. and if i put the whole thing it would be totally overwhelming and no one would take the time to read it. i thought it worth reading, so i tried to present it in a way that would make it more attractive and palatable. Like having photographs in a recipe book; that always helps me.

      He is such a good writer, and i like stories, so i was totally drawn in too.


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